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Empower Children to Master Writing

Children who are able to master writing will soon enjoy the benefits of using their literacy skills freely, with accuracy and flair – but what do we mean by ‘master’, exactly?

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Effectively Engage Children with Language | KS1 Literacy

What an audience we have in the children we are fortunate enough to teach. An audience who are inquisitive, energetic, full of awe and wonder at the world around them – as well as instinctively wise and capable.

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How Do Children Learn?

As teachers, we have the opportunity to discover each child’s uniqueness; what they are passionate about, what they enjoy doing and how they interact with and explore the world around them.

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How Does Reading Aloud Help Children Develop Literacy Skills?

Reading aloud to and with children has an enormously positive impact on every area of a child’s development. Why is reading aloud to children so beneficial? Let's find out...

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Using Picture Prompts For Writing - KS1 Literacy Tool

Why should we use picture prompts in KS1 literacy?

Visual stimuli helps children to understand their world.

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5 Reasons Why Primary Teachers Should Engage in Virtual Training

The coronavirus pandemic has changed teaching as we know it, in ways we could never have imagined. This also includes some important discoveries.

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7 Techniques for Generating Story Writing Ideas in KS2

Teaching creative writing may not always produce the outcomes you were hoping for. Here's some ideas to help inspire your primary class during story writing tasks. 

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Activities for Teaching Writing Genres in KS1 & 2

Understanding genre will help primary pupils to make the most of their budding creativity. Here's some activities to help them on their way.

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5 Fantastic Free Write Ideas for Primary Classes

‘Free writing’ is a task whereby the class are expected to write continuously for a set amount of time, but without focusing on any particular skill. It’s the ideal opportunity for children to be creative, without constraint!

Here’s five ideas to help your class embrace free writing and use it to their advantage.

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5 Benefits of Writing a Book Review in KS2

Contrary to popular belief, writing a book review isn’t a test of knowledge – nor should they be used to ‘prove’ that a book has been read. If you’re not sure of the wider benefits that writing book reviews can bring, don’t worry – we’ve summarised our top five.

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Creating Clever Character Descriptions in your KS1 Class

A good character description is all about feelings – and not just that of the character themselves, of course.

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Can Creative Writing Be Taught? | KS1 Literacy

Once children have a grasp of literacy, they can make their first steps towards becoming the next Philip Pullman or Jacqueline Wilson – but as with all subjects, some children find this easier than others.

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