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Transforming Literacy Learning: How Mighty Writer Can Help Children

Imagine a classroom where learning to write is no longer a chore, but a fun and engaging experience. A place where children are excited to pick up their pencils and unleash their creativity. This is the world of Mighty Writer, a revolutionary resource that is transforming the way children learn literacy. 

Developed by experts in the field of education, Mighty Writer combines interactive and tactile learning with proven teaching techniques. The result? An innovative approach to literacy learning that produces remarkable results. 

How Mighty Writer helps children learn literacy 

Mighty Writer is more than just a writing tool. It is a comprehensive resource that engages children and empowers them to become confident writers. With its varying toolbars and picture tiles, Mighty Writer allows children to tell their own stories, explore sentence structures, and develop their writing skills. 


But it doesn't stop there.

Mighty Writer also includes a mat with sentence clouds and velcro symbols, providing a visual and hands-on experience for children to construct and re-arrange sentences and stories. Our teacher's guide offers invaluable support for implementing Mighty Writer in the classroom, while workshops and training sessions ensure that teachers and staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make the most of this powerful resource. 

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How Mighty Writer supports multi-academy trusts 

emma demonstrating on laptopMulti-academy trusts face unique challenges in managing and coordinating multiple schools with different needs and priorities. Mighty Writer understands these challenges and offers special packages and discounts for multi-academy trusts, making it a cost-effective choice for improving writing skills across all schools. 

Furthermore, ongoing and unlimited CPD training ensures that teachers and staff within the trust have access to continuous professional development. This support not only helps in the effective implementation of Mighty Writer but also enhances the overall quality of education and learning outcomes within the trust. 

Mighty Writer also addresses the specific needs of underperforming schools within the trust. By providing a targeted solution for struggling learners and offering practical strategies for engagement and motivation, Mighty Writer helps to turn underperforming schools into thriving educational environments. 

Mighty Writer is not just a product, it is a transformative tool that has the power to improve literacy results and change the way children learn to write. With its engaging and interactive approach, comprehensive resources and support, and special packages for multi-academy trusts, Mighty Writer is the ideal choice for schools. 

Choose Mighty Writer and unlock the full potential of your pupils' writing abilities.

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