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Emma was an Assistant Head Teacher at a primary school, where she was given the responsibility of improving the school’s literacy standards.

During her 17 years as a teacher, Emma gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise with regard to how children learn, and her particular passion was teaching literacy.

This was how Emma came to spot a gap in the market; there were no literacy resources available which taught children the fundamentals of punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structure in a visual, fun and engaging way, like she did in her own classroom.

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So Emma, along with her husband David, an experienced business director in the manufacturing and operations sector, set about creating their own resource.

It took two years, a lot of hard work and cuttings on the dining room floor, but they finally had their eureka moment – Mighty Writer was born!

Over the next 18 months they tested Mighty Writer in schools under a protocol to measure the children’s improvement. The results were incredible; in pre-launch tests, teachers scored Mighty Writer an overall 9.7 out of 10 for helping children to learn vital literacy lessons. 

Once the mat was in production, the word soon spread between schools, and more and more children began to benefit from Mighty Writer.

Well-known children’s authors including Alan Durant, Steve Bowkett and Wes Magee have all backed the resource. We’ve also had brilliant reviews from Optimus Education and Teach Primary magazine.

In addition, Mighty Writer received the Silver Award in the 2016 Primary Teacher Awards and was recognised as the Best Primary Resource at the 2018 Education Resources Awards.

Mighty Writer is now being used in 43 countries, in around 1,000 schools, helping over 200,000 children learn how to write.

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Nowadays, Emma spends a lot of her time looking after the rest of the Mighty Writer team: their son William and their new twins, Amelie and Sophia. You might have met David at one of the education events that he regularly attends to demonstrate the impact of Mighty Writer.

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