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Inspire Your KS2 Pupils with our Narrative Writing Checklist

Whether we read them ourselves or have them read to us, enjoying a story is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, when it comes to writing one, it can seem very complicated indeed.

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Exercises To Improve Sentence Structure

As essential as the morning bell, registration and lunch break, we all need structure in order for life to make sense. 

… And our literacy studies are no different.

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Tips For Engaging Primary SEN Pupils With Literacy

We love teaching, but few would deny that it’s a tough gig. With classes of up to 30 children to educate, spanning a variety of backgrounds and ability levels, we often need to be 30 different teachers at once. 

This includes being a teacher of SEN children, whether you chose to specialise or not. 

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Create Self-Sufficient Storytellers with These Independent Writing Tips

Do your pupils lack the confidence to write independently? Do they daydream and distract each other, instead of getting their heads down to devise their first masterpiece?

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Captivate Your KS1 Class with These Grammar Slammers!

Even for the most passionate of teachers, grammar doesn’t make for the most thrilling of dinner party conversations. If your KS1 class is starting to snooze over syntax, simply throw these grammar slammers into the mix and turn dull lessons into dazzlers! 

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Fun Literacy Lessons for World Book Day

On the first Thursday of every March, we ditch the school uniforms to dress up as our favourite literacy legends. That’s right – it’s time for another World Book Day!

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3 Ways For KS1 to Explore the Stories of Dr Seuss

“I am what I am! That’s a great thing to be! If I say so myself, happy birthday to me!”

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3 Engaging Activities For Teaching Children To Write Complex Sentences

Complex sentences… They’re easy when you know how.

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National Storytelling Week: How To Instil Read-Aloud Confidence In Primary Pupils

To help pencils to scribble in your primary school classroom, National Storytelling Week takes place from 26th January to 2nd February 2019, as organised by The Society for Storytelling. With thousands of events taking place all over the country, it’s the perfect time to encourage reluctant storytellers to share their creative ideas.

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What Is Vygotsky's Theory and Why Is It Important To KS1 Literacy?

As a primary teacher, you know that all children learn differently; what makes the penny drop for Jamie could be confusing for Jade, while Jackson remains dedicated to staring out of the window.

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Ditch the Glitter! These Festive KS1 Lesson Plans Are Good, Clean Fun

December is officially here, and the glitter is twinkling menacingly from the art supply cupboard. Surely there’s another way to keep the class’ attention this Christmas? One that you won’t need to pick out of your jumper for the next 6 weeks?

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Fun Tips to Conquer Common KS1 Grammar Mistakes

Good grammar can make the difference between “it’s time to eat, grandad” and “it’s time to eat grandad”!

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