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Why is Retelling a Story Beneficial for KS1 Children?

As a busy primary teacher, you may often wonder why retelling a story is an important activity for your pupils. Well, there are numerous benefits to incorporating story retelling into your lessons. Not only does it enhance their language skills, but it also promotes critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. Let's explore these benefits in more detail: 

1. Language Development 

Retelling a story helps KS1 children improve their language skills in various ways. It enhances vocabulary as they encounter new words and phrases. It also improves their understanding of sentence structure and grammar. When children retell a story, they practice using different tenses, expand their vocabulary, and learn to articulate their thoughts more effectively. 

2. Comprehension 

Girl Reading BookWhen children retell a story, it demonstrates their comprehension of the plot, characters, and events.

By summarising and sequencing the story, they show that they have understood the main ideas and can identify the key elements. This skill is critical for their overall literacy development and lays the foundation for more advanced reading and writing skills. 


3. Critical Thinking 

Retelling a story requires children to think critically about the events, characters' motivations, and the story's overall message. They need to analyse the plot, make connections between different parts of the story, and draw conclusions. This process develops their analytical thinking skills and encourages them to engage in higher-order thinking tasks. 

4. Creativity 

child sat on floor, reading tracing his finger across the pagesStory retelling provides children with an opportunity to unleash their creativity. They can add their own imaginative twists to the story, create alternative endings, or even develop new characters.

By doing so, they enhance their storytelling abilities and foster their creative thinking skills. Encouraging children to think outside the box and explore their creativity promotes a love for literature and storytelling.


5. Empathy 

Retelling a story allows children to step into the shoes of the characters and understand their feelings and perspectives. This helps them develop empathy and emotional intelligence. By relating to the experiences of the characters, children learn to identify and understand various emotions. This increased empathy can have a positive impact on their social interactions and relationships. 

6. Memorisation 

When children retell a story, they need to remember the sequence of events, character names, and key details. This exercise strengthens their memory and recall abilities. Retelling stories regularly helps them improve their memory skills, which can be beneficial for other areas of their academic and personal lives. 

7. Oral Communication 

kid reading book sat on the floorRetelling a story provides children with an opportunity to practice their oral communication skills.
They learn to speak clearly, use appropriate intonation, and engage their audience. This activity builds their confidence in public speaking and helps them develop strong communication skills, which are essential for success in various aspects of life. 



Incorporating story retelling into your lessons not only helps your students improve their language skills, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities, but it also fosters their creativity, empathy, memory, and oral communication skills. By encouraging them to retell stories, you are providing a rich and engaging learning experience that will benefit them in multiple ways. So, don't hesitate to include this activity in your classroom and watch your pupils thrive! 

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