Why Is Early Literacy In Childhood So Important?

7th Sep 2018

No matter what the academic subject, strong foundations in literacy are the building blocks. An early grasp of reading and writing in childhood can often make the difference between success and struggle, throughout primary education and beyond. 

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Back To School: 5 Icebreakers To Help With Getting To Know Your New Class

31st Aug 2018

The school gates are open, the coffee mugs are filled, and children are scuttling through the door wearing baggy jumpers with plenty of ‘growing room’. 

The first day of term is here.

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How To Build Confidence In Early Years Writing

17th Aug 2018

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) is a pivotal time in the development of a child’s literacy.

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Can Mighty Writer Be Used With Other Resources?

28th Feb 2018

The simple answer is yes!

You can use Mighty Writer alongside any other resources or strategies you already use. It is also designed to be used as a standalone resource. 

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Does Mighty Writer Work With Talk for Writing?

7th Feb 2018

A better question is why does Mighty Writer work with Talk for Writing when – on the surface at least – they appear to be fundamentally different approaches to literacy.

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How to Support your Literacy Teaching

5th Feb 2018

There are so many fantastic resources available to use with children to enable them to make progress in their literacy skills.

You can mix and match them depending on your focus and the children you are working with.

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Tell Me Your Ideas

13th Jul 2017

The process of learning to write involves a wide range of skills.  

Children need to acquire them and apply them. They need to become adept at combining them effectively.

It is our job to make this journey a simple one!

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How To Make Writing Exciting

3rd Jul 2017

Getting ready!

I love it when a plan comes together!

The times when I literally couldn’t wait to teach what I’d planned.

I knew the children would be inspired.  I could see the outcome in my mind’s eye and I was confident in how my class would achieve it.

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Constructive Classroom Organisation

25th Jun 2017

Where there is creativity there is always mess! 

I like to try and keep most things organised and with that sometimes come the assumption that I can be bossy! 

But children are curious and creative. Their play and exploration is always purposeful but it can be messy!

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What Makes A Good Writer?

16th Jun 2017

I have always been intrigued and amazed at the way children can learn from one other. 

I can recall teaching a Polish child in my Year 3 class.  He had very little English but all the children in the class communicated well with him and they understood each other. 

One day we were doing a writing activity that involved lots of discussion.  What I observed will always stay with me and was a lesson to me in how capable and insightful children are.  

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How Can I Teach Writing Well?

9th Jun 2017

What does effective teaching of writing look like?

Every teacher is different and brings their own personality and unique style to the role of teaching children. 

This is important. It makes learning a vibrant and interesting journey for children.  

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Top 5 Benefits of Mighty Writer

4th Jun 2017

When it comes to teaching it is important to inspire all children, always.

Mighty Writer engages all types of learners in the way it is designed and used.  It allows children to become confident and accomplished writers, supporting, challenging and motivating them along the way. It does this in 5 key ways.

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"The children literally cheer when it they have an opportunity to use Mighty Writer! The staff really enjoy using it too; it took some time for them to build confidence, but pairing up and giving it a go has proved valuable. We have found that the children almost instinctively guide the sessions anyway."

Gill Emmerson, Head of Pre Prep, Edge Grove School


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