We are committed to our vision of helping 1 million children with their literacy skills by 2021. We believe in making a difference, no matter the school, child or their ability level. The feedback we receive encourages us to keep striving for that goal and we hope the positive comments from head teachers, teachers, pupils and parents will encourage you to take up the cause.

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Head Teachers

"Teachers have reported very positively on the impact of this resource. Almost all SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) 1 and 2 children in primaries 1 to 4 have been considering sentence structure and punctuation more carefully and adding adjectives to their sentences to create more interesting and detailed text. The visual ways the sentences are presented has been instrumental in supporting better structuring. Teachers report a 78% increase in SIMD 1 and 2 children’s confidence and ability in writing since the introduction of Mighty Writer in P1/2 and P3/4."

Clare Deas, Head Teacher, Bridgend Primary School, West Lothian, Scotland


"We have found this resource to be extremely valuable to deliver both whole class writing sessions and small group interventions. The video on the website is a great starting point to familiarise TAs and other staff with the resource and we have found many applications for the product. With many international new arrival children, this is a key resource for building children's writing confidence and they really enjoy the visual aspect. A small investment that is certainly going a long way."

Jo Lindon, Head Teacher, Heathfield Primary School


"The children literally cheer when it they have an opportunity to use Mighty Writer! The staff really enjoy using it too; it took some time for them to build confidence, but pairing up and giving it a go has proved valuable. We have found that the children almost instinctively guide the sessions anyway.

We use the tool to support pre writing and I would actually say that my pre school nursery class are the actual experts. We also use it with reluctant writers but also with all ability groups linked to our work on meta cognition - thinking about how we learn and making links with what we already know.

Simply - thank you. This is transformative."

Gill Emmerson, Head of Pre Prep, Edge Grove School


"Thank you for your visit to our school recently. The staff were very motivated and impressed by Mighty Writer. The Year 1 teachers have started using the mats and in just 2 weeks we have already seen an improvement in the children's writing, especially the boys!"

Emma Foyle, Deputy Headteacher, Stourfield Infant School, Bournemouth


"I find the Mighty Writer resource an excellent way to motivate children to enhance their writing. I particularly like the fact that it boosts the confidence of those who struggle to put pencil to paper as they can tell a detailed story without the physical act of writing getting in the way of their creativity."

Louise Delargy, Deputy Head Teacher, Broxburn Primary School & Early Learning Centre 


"We love it! The staff said only yesterday that they did not know how they taught without it! The impact has been immediate and to be fair the children have quickly become more engaged in writing!" 

Carolyn Hookes-Gosney, Head of Pre-Prep, Barfield School


"So impressed with our first few days of Mighty Writer. The engagement was through the roof."

Rachel Brabban, Deputy Head and EYFS Teacher, Stanley Crook Primary


"They think it’s amazing! I went and observed the Year 1 class in the hall this morning and they were all writing complex sentences and could tell me how it was made up of verbs, adjectives, etc. Teachers even used the ‘love’ word!”

Head of KS1, Nottingham High School


"Mighty Writer is a well thought through, fabulous resource that - when used well - can significantly support pupils vocabulary and writing skills while reducing teacher workload. Love it!"

Helen Williams, Head Teacher


"I can really understand why teachers marked your product trials 9.7/10."

Head Teacher


"The best product at this year’s show by far."

Head Teacher


"Will you present Mighty Writer to the other Head Teachers in my area? They will love it!"

Head Teacher


"My staff  have been telling me to come and see you. I will order 20 please." 

Head Teacher


"Year 2 have had their first 'big write' since receiving their kit and...[there has been] immediate impact."

Melanie Cox, Head Teacher


"Looking forward to transforming children’s writing and ultimately their life chances with Mighty Writer and our new resources!"

Naomi Shrimpton, Head Teacher, Heathlands Primary Academy



"I just wanted to say thank you... I’ve been using Mighty Writer for a few weeks now to support the learners in my class and they love it! It is making an enormous difference to their writing; they are showing progress almost on a daily basis! Quite astounding - Vygotsky/Bruner’s theories of scaffolding learning exemplified.

I have an Improving Outcomes Officer coming to watch a lesson in a few weeks time as I am trying to encourage other schools in the region to buy your fabulous resource."

Lisa Martin, Teacher, Strathdevon Primary School


“I just wanted to feed back to you how brilliant Mighty Writer is. Year 2 are having a Mighty Writer focus week. It is so motivating and the children are completely engaged, using the symbols to create some superb extended sentences and highlighting the different parts of sentence structure. At the end one child said “I want to be a story writer”, that says it all. Great find!”

Year 2 Teacher, Nottingham High School


"Mighty Writer has been a valuable tool to support planning and editing in a way that pupils have actively engaged with. I have observed improvements in the quality of writing of all ability levels within my class. This is a very flexible learning instrument."

Stuart McIntyre, Teacher, Broxburn Primary School & Early Learning Centre


"Mighty Writer really engaged even the reluctant writers."

Sarah Booker, Year 1 Teacher


"Children went from writing a couple of lines to half a page within hours."



"My school recently purchased Mighty Writer to complement the Talk for Writing approach. The teachers in Year 1 trialled it with the children using the space theme toolbar. The children completed a cold and hot task and the difference between the two is amazing. Mighty Writer enables the children to truly visualise the story."

Sherie Grant, KS1 Leader, Moorlands Primary School


"My children were constantly saying, “Please can I have a go?"

Year 1 Teacher


"Suddenly they began to write reams, even motivated to write at home too."



"It was a joy to see the children so happy to write."

Year 1 Teacher


"It had the biggest impact on the children’s writing."

Jinny Durant, Teacher


"A fantastic resource that really works!"

Abigail Redhead, Teacher


"My kids love Mighty Writer! Those that once dreaded writing LOVE writing now!"

Teacher, Murrayfield Primary 


"This will work perfectly with Talk4Writing at my school."

Year 1 Teacher


"This is going to be very, very popular!" 

Reception Teacher


"Very clear to observe and assess how the children were learning."

Year 1 Teacher


"The children clearly made significant progress and their writing was more sophisticated."

Year 1 Teacher


"My daughter...keeps telling me about Mighty Writer. She loves it - so much so she is asking Father Christmas for one!"

Ms Hurst, Parent 


"An innovative, versatile and effective means of improving the literacy skills of many children, integrating as it does technical elements such as punctuation and grammar with a creative approach to story making."

Steve Bowkett, Author of children’s fiction and poetry  


"Absolutely wonderful! I have been waiting a long time for a writing resource as good as this."

Literacy Adviser


"Quickly developed their ability to write more interesting sentences and use a wider range of punctuation!"

Wes Magee, Poet and children’s author


"I really like changing my story round and adding different bits to it. I found it easy to write my story afterwards." 

Julianna, aged 6


"I am going to recommend that all the schools I advise start using Mighty Writer to improve our children’s writing."

Literacy Adviser


"This is amazing, he doesn't normally interact."

Parent of year 2 pupil


"The children quickly acquired the skills to become confident writers."

Surina Purice, EYFS Leader


"Both of my children got on very well with this resource. It matched their abilities well."

Parent of twin year 1 pupils


"The children who used Mighty Writer clearly made more progress. Their writing was also more sophisticated."

Carol Bayliss, parent


"I like it because it’s about storytelling and my class like storytelling." 

Adam aged 4


"Evie has only been using it for 10 minutes but she’s picking it up very quickly."

Parent of year 1 pupil

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"Year 2 have had their first 'big write' since receiving their kit and... [there has been] immediate impact."

Melanie Cox, Head Teacher


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