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We talk a lot about the transformative effect of Mighty Writer - but don't just take our word for it! Watch the videos below to see what other teachers are saying about the impact Mighty Writer has had in their schools.

Isla and William

It's not just teachers who love Mighty Writer - most importantly, the children love it too!  

Best Of Testimonials

Teachers tell us why they LOVE Mighty Writer.

Katie and Jane

"A brilliant resource."

Helen Stanton-Tonner

"It's made an incredible difference. It's extended their vocabulary."

Amy Chitty

"It encourages them to want to be writers."

Keeley Wilson

"Great way to introduce sentence structure to children."

Duncan Andrews

"It gives children [the chance] to be imaginative."

Alison Richards

"It has made a huge difference in our school."

Julia Antrobus

"Children are really engaged with it."

Barney Todd

"It's been an absolute revelation!"

Jeremy Harrison

"Unlocks the mystery of writing."

Vanessa Pearce

"A fantastic motivator of all levels of children."

John Doris

"Provides that engagment needed with writing."

Sarah Laundy

"It brings classes together."

Katie Towers

"It's incredibly interactive and engaging."

Chrissy Roberts

"It allows us to stretch our higher ability learners." 

Janine Burton

"The results were fantastic."

Amanda Campbell

"We use Mighty Writer every day."

Anne Mustin

"Mighty Writer is something every school should have."

Emma Wratten

"It helps increase vocabulary skills."

Bethany Lartey

"We absolutely love them."

Edward Graham

"I could not recommend it enough."

Adam Trim

"Teachers love it. Kids love it."

Sophie Hayles

"It's absolutely incredible."

Fleur Edwards

"It's especially effective for our early writers."

Sarah Millington

"It's a fantastic resource."

Eve Brearey

"Works with a range of abilities."

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"The Year 1 teachers have started using the mats and, in just 2 weeks, we have already seen an improvement in the children's writing - especially the boys!"

Emma Foyle, Deputy Headteacher, Stourfield Infant School, Bournemouth


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