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We talk a lot about the transformative effect of Mighty Writer - but don't just take our word for it! Watch the videos below to see what other teachers are saying about the impact Mighty Writer has had in their schools.

Isla and William

"You get to use it for loads of different things."

KS1 pupils Isla and William tell us how they use Mighty Writer to tell new and old stories.

Best Of Testimonials

"It improves enthusiasm for writing almost overnight."

Primary school teachers tell us why they find Mighty Writer such a valuable literacy resource in their classrooms.

Katie and Jane

"A brilliant resource."

Year 2 teacher Katie and assistant head teacher Jane from Waterside school in Chesham say Mighty Writer has massively increased their children's enthusiasm for writing.

Jeremy Harrison

"Unlocks the mystery of writing."

Head teacher Jeremy from Hillside First School in Dorset loves Mighty Writer's fresh approach to writing, which has helped lower ability children make rapid improvements.

Barney Todd

"It's been an absolute revelation!"

Dedridge Primary head teacher Barney is using Mighty Writer in P1-7, as well as with autistic children. It's engaged even those children who were previously switched off to writing.

Alison Richards

"It has made a huge difference in our school."

Head teacher Alison from Hertingfordbury Cowper School in Hertfordshire has been using Mighty Writer for several years to embed sentence construction with her pupils.

Stu Evans

"Mighty Writer is great at engaging pupils."

Stu from the New Leaf Inclusion Centre, a pupil referral unit in Walsall, says Mighty Writer has engaged even reluctant writers who are now reading and writing more fluently.


"It really helped with their creative writing skills."

Year 4 teacher Kate has been using Mighty Writer for 3 years. Her students love Mighty Writer and particularly enjoy using it to create spooky stories with strange characters.

Vanessa Pearce

"A fantastic motivator of all levels of children."

Head teacher Vanessa from Beaudesert Lower School in Leighton Buzzard loves that Mighty Writer engages children with pictures and symbols to help them create expanded sentences.

Keeley Wilson

"Great way to introduce sentence structure to children."

Luddenham Primary school in Faversham's head teacher Keeley uses Mighty Writer in her year 1 class to help with their Talk for Writing process to structure their sentences in a visual and practical way.

Duncan Andrews

"It gives children [the chance] to be imaginative."

Duncan is a teacher and St Faith's Prep School in Kent who loves how Mighty Writer gives children the opportunity to be imaginative and express themselves. 

Amy Chitty

"It encourages them to want to be writers."

St Botolph's Primary head teacher Amy says Mighty Writer helps her early years and year 1 pupils to talk and think about the structure of their writing and encourages them to be writers. 

Helen Stanton-Tonner

"It's extended their vocabulary."

Helen is the head teacher of a higher ability school where children are working 1.5-2 years above the national average. It has extended the vocabulary and improved sentence structure in her year 1 class.

Julia Antrobus

"Children are really engaged with it."

Head teacher Julia from Newtown School in Chesham bought Mighty Writer for all her Reception and Year one classes who are really engaged and love building sentences with it.

Fleur Edwards

"It's especially effective for our early writers."

Head teacher Fleur from Henry Hinde school in Rugby thinks Mighty Writer is especially effective for her year 1 pupils who now have the structure to be able to fly with their writing.

John Doris

"Provides that engagment needed with writing."

John is head teacher at New Marske Primary near Redcar. He says Mighty Writer turns the abstract process of writing into something visual, which they are really enjoying in their school.

Anne Muston

"Mighty Writer is something every school should have."

MD of Cambridge English Class Anne says Mighty Writer is a really exciting way of helping children improve their creative writing and feeling like they can succeed.

Sarah Laundy

"It brings classes together."

After using Mighty Writer for a year, head teacher Sarah says Mighty Writer is a cohesive tool for learning which helps children who find learning quite challenging. 

Katie Towers

"It's incredibly interactive and engaging."

English coordinator and year 2 teacher Katie says Mighty Writer has really helped her class grasp the grammatical features of a story and how to use a range of puncturation.

Chrissy Roberts

"It allows us to stretch our higher ability learners." 

Teacher Chrissy says Mighty Writer helps children to continue to learn past the end of the lesson, as they continue to discuss their stories throughout the week when they see it on the wall.

Janine Burton

"The results were fantastic."

Janine is head teacher at a small school in Worcestershire. She bought Mighty Writer to help enhance and improve sentence writing in the early years. 

Amanda Campbell

"We use Mighty Writer every day."

Amanda from Avon House Prep School in Essex says Mighty Writer is a great tool to use every day to inspire writing. 

Emma Wratten

"It helps increase vocabulary skills."

Extended Educational Provider Emma uses Mighty Writer to help her students to increase vocuabularly skills and write interesting sentences, leading to imaginative stories.

Bethany Lartey

"We absolutely love them."

Year 1 leader Bethany loves using Mighty Writer to tell stories during their Gruffalo and Gingerbread man units at Hampton Vale Primary School in Peterborough.

Edward Graham

"I could not recommend it enough."

Year 1 teacher Edward uses Mighty Writer for story mapping, using the sentence openers, verbs, adjectives and vocabulary that come with the master set to retell stories and write new sentences.

Adam Trim

"Teachers love it. Kids love it."

Adam is head teacher at a British International School. Mighty Writer has helped his pupils to learn English whilst improving literacy, writing skills and even their interest in learning another language.

Sophie Hayles

"It's absolutely incredible."

Year 1 teacher and writing lead Sophie uses Mighty Writer with her class to build sentences and then edit them, which is great for both peer and self-assessment.

Sarah Millington

"It's a fantastic resource."

Sarah from Stourfield School in Bournemouth says Mighty Writer saves teachers lots of time, whilst teaching children about sentence structure and story structure as well as vocabulary.

Eve Brearey

"Works with a range of abilities."

Reception teacher Eve uses Mighty Writer with children with a range of abilities; working on sentence structure with lower abilities, and sentence openers and connectives with higher abilities.



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"So impressed with our first few days of Mighty Writer. The engagement was through the roof."

Rachel Brabban, Deputy Head and EYFS Teacher, Stanley Crook Primary


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