Introducing Mighty Writer

Hello, my name is Emma Ralph and I am a primary teacher. I would like to introduce you to Mighty Writer. This is a brand new resource which transforms the way children learn to write - enabling children of all ages and abilities to become independent, confident and capable writers.


What is Mighty Writer?

Mighty Writer simplifies the traditionally complex process of learning to write. It does so in a manner that inspires children of all abilities; nurturing the skills of speech, story planning and writing.

In pre-launch tests, teachers scored Mighty Writer an overall 9.7 out of 10 for helping children to learn vital literacy lessons:

Have they made
significant progress?


How engaged is
the child?



Are the children interacting?     


Does Mighty Writer encourage them to speak?


Are they keen to write their sentences on paper?

Teachers reported great enthusiasm about the progress of children, including significant improvement in writing sentences and use of punctuation. Children started creating more complex stories, transforming reluctant writers into those who avidly enjoyed the process.

 Character-Illustrations-COL 10Contents

Mighty-Writer Themed-Toolbar-2Red edited 400x300The Mighty Writer process is one centred on a mat that enables children to create or recount their own stories. Around its perimeter are various toolbars, each contributing to the makeup of the tale. The right toolbar contains sculpted punctuation, the left sculpted sentence openers and conjunctions.

The accompanying top tool bars house images linked to a variety of topics and themes, aiding teachers throughout the academic year. A standard set is made up of illustrations depicting locations, living things, objects and environments. Extra themed images on toolbars can be purchased separately. Other topics and themes will be available depending on demand.

Significantly, Mighty Writer equips teachers to demonstrate each part of the writing process – whether it be retelling, planning, editing or creating. They control the type and amount of images within the toolbar, as well as the number of sentence openers, conjunctions and symbols to be included at any stage. A visual aid, Mighty Writer helps teachers focus their teaching accordingly.

Character-Illustrations-COL 10 Process

Adverb SymbolSpeech Bubble SymbolJust how Mighty Writer is introduced will be dependent on the ability of the child. Some may be encouraged to begin creating a story map of images alone, introducing sentence mats gradually. Over time however they will form structured sentences which grow in complexity as and when their skills develop.

Verb SymbolAdjective SymbolThe sentence mats themselves are sculpted to fit the words at hand. Sentence openers, conjunctions and punctuation form scaffolding around each sentence, underlining the need for good grammar. Additional symbols come in the shape of adjectives, emotions, verbs and adverbs and these tiles can be placed anywhere on the mat, allowing a story to flow with the use of arrows between sentences.


Every child will ultimately build a story sentence by sentence, all with a coherent structure.

Thereafter they are encouraged to revisit, amend, improve and expand the story as much as possible.

The Mighty Writer approach is a visual one, ensuring it is fun and easy to use. That enjoyment will reap instant rewards, as children create stories that not only boast a comprehensive structure but make sense and flow as intended. They can retell their story as many times as they need to - or the teacher feels necessary - until they feel completely at ease with it.


Character-Illustrations-COL 10 Transcribing

Once a story is laid out in pictorial form the next step is to transcribe it. The aforementioned scaffolding that surrounds each sentence will allow children to transcribe very easily – all whilst using sentence openers, capitals, conjunctions, adjectives, verbs and punctuation correctly.

To enable pupils to work both individually or in pairs, Mighty Writer invites teachers to print off headed A3/A4 Mighty Writer plans. Every sheet contains a series of sentences printed upon it, complete with a symbol key that allows children to create stories in the same manner, and with the same symbols, as they do the main mat. Most importantly, these are differentiated to meet the requirements of different learners.

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"My daughter keeps telling me about Mighty Writer. She loves it - so much so she is asking Father Christmas for one!"

Ms Hurst, Parent


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