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Making Grammar Fun in Key Stage One!

In Key Stage One, it is important to make grammar fun and enjoyable for young pupils. By incorporating interactive and innovative approaches, teachers can create a stimulating environment that fosters a love for language and writing. 

Fun and Engaging Grammar Activities 

Boy ReadingEngaging grammar activities can significantly increase pupil engagement and understanding. Incorporating games and hands-on activities into grammar lessons not only makes learning fun but also enhances comprehension. For example, teachers can play grammar-themed board games or create interactive grammar worksheets that encourage pupil participation. 

Another fun activity is creating a grammar scavenger hunt, where pupils search for specific grammar elements in books or classroom materials. By making grammar lessons interactive and enjoyable, pupils become more motivated to actively participate and apply their knowledge. 

Creating a Stimulating Environment 

Creating a stimulating environment is crucial for successful grammar lessons in Key Stage One. Teachers can decorate the classroom with grammar-themed posters and charts to visually reinforce grammar rules and concepts. Providing colourful and engaging materials, such as grammar flashcards or interactive grammar apps, can also enhance pupils' learning experience. 

It is essential to create a positive and supportive classroom culture where pupils feel comfortable asking questions and actively participating in grammar activities. Teachers can incorporate group activities, such as grammar games or collaborative writing projects, to encourage peer interaction and foster a sense of teamwork. 

Utilising Mighty Writer Resources 

two children interacting with Mighty Writer, on the wallMighty Writer resources can be a valuable tool in teaching grammar in an engaging way. The Mighty Writer mat with sentence clouds and velcro symbols allows children to physically manipulate words and sentence structures. This hands-on approach helps them understand grammar concepts better and improves their sentence formation skills. 


By making grammar fun and engaging, we can foster a love for language and writing in young children, setting them up for academic success. Through fun and interactive grammar activities, utilising Mighty Writer resources, and creating a stimulating environment, Key Stage One teachers can empower their pupils to develop strong grammar skills and a lifelong appreciation for the English language. 

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