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How Do Children Learn to Write?

It's a fascinating process that involves various stages of development and skill-building. Let's explore the journey of writing for children! 

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The Importance of Phonics Instruction in Literacy Development

Phonics is a fundamental aspect of reading and writing, and it plays a critical role in helping children become confident and competent readers. In this blog post, I will discuss why phonics teaching is essential and offer some practical tips for effective implementation. 

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Lesson Plan: Fun with Phonics!

Welcome to this interactive and engaging phonics lesson plan designed to enhance your pupils' reading and spelling skills! Phonics is a fundamental aspect of literacy development, and with the help of fun and interactive games and activities, your pupils will become confident readers and spellers in no time.

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Complex Sentence Building Exercises for Key Stage One Children

In this blog, we will share some effective exercises that you can use in your classrooms to support your pupils in constructing complex sentences. 

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How to Encourage Writing in Early Years

Writing is a crucial aspect of communication and expression, so it's important to foster a love for it from an early age. Here's how you can encourage writing in the early years. 

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Why is Retelling a Story Beneficial for KS1 Children?

As a busy primary teacher, you may often wonder why retelling a story is an important activity for your pupils. Well, there are numerous benefits to incorporating story retelling into your lessons. Not only does it enhance their language skills, but it also promotes critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. Let's explore these benefits in more detail: 

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Top 5 Benefits of Mighty Writer - KS1 Literacy Tool

When it comes to teaching it is important to inspire all children, always.

Mighty Writer engages all types of learners in the way it is designed and used.  It allows children to become confident and accomplished writers, supporting, challenging and motivating them along the way. It does this in 5 key ways.

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Using Creative Writing Prompts to Combat Writer's Block for Key Stage One Children

We understand the challenges that children face when it comes to writing creatively, and how it can be especially difficult for younger children who are just learning how to write, especially when writers block comes around. The good news is that there are many creative writing prompts that can be used to inspire and motivate children to write. By using these prompts, children can overcome writer’s block and discover a passion for writing that will stay with them for years to come. 

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How To Use Story Starters to Improve Writing Skills for KS2 Pupils

We know that encouraging children to write creatively is an essential part of their learning. However, it can be challenging to inspire children to write interesting and engaging stories. This is where story starters come in. Story starters are a fantastic way to help children get their creative juices flowing and improve their writing skills. Here's how to use them effectively in your classroom. 

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What Activities Promote Writing in Early Years?

Writing is not only a fundamental skill but also a means of self-expression and communication. By engaging children in various activities that promote writing, we can help them develop their creativity, critical thinking, and language skills. Here are some activities that you can try with your children to promote writing in the early years: 

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Why Are Story Starters an Effective Tool for Engaging KS2 Children in Writing?

One effective tool that can help spark their imagination and creativity is the use of story starters. In this blog post, we will explore why story starters are important and provide you with some examples. 

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