Mighty Writer | Webinars

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These webinars are designed for:

all Heads and teaching staff who:

  • Are looking for proven techniques to really engage children in literacy.
  • Are considering purchasing Mighty Writer and want to better understand its potential.
  • Are using Mighty Writer but would like to learn more about how to further improve its impact.
  • New to a school that is already using Mighty Writer and want to familiarise themselves.
  • Have a child with particular special needs and would like specific advice.

See what other attendees have said: 

Fabulous Webinar by @MightyWriter_UK this afternoon. I love it. Check it out if you want to raise vocabulary, sentence structure and story writing in your class.

It’s a brilliant idea and seems so easy to be able to work into what teachers already do to improve writing skills – in such a visual format whilst developing language. Fantastic idea!

Mighty Writer is the only resource guaranteed to transform children’s literacy almost overnight. It’s why we won both the Education Resource Awards and the Teach Primary Awards for the best primary resource in the country.

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Mighty Writer, a breakthrough in teaching children to write!

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