How Our Approach To Teaching Writing Matters

“Children must be taught how to think – not what to think.” Margaret Mead

Someone once asked me what I thought was the most important part of my job as a teacher.  It didn’t take me long to think of a response. I passionately believe it is to instil in children the ability to be lifelong learners.

Why? You have instilled in a child a love of learning.  And this lasts a lifetime.How-Our-Approach-To-Teaching-Writing-Matters-2

But more than this, they have within them the confidence to know they can learn, they can achieve and they can make a difference.

We are all teachers to some degree – anyone who has some level of influence over the life of a child.  And when it comes to writing we can all make a positive difference.


Firm Foundations

From the very start we have to get it right.

“Children need continuity as they grow and learn.” Thomas Menino

So what do we need to teach children?

how to think about writing

how to have creative ideas

how to have confidence in these ideas

how to create stories and retellings in their own minds

how to commit these to paper (or some other permanent medium).How-Our-Approach-To-Teaching-Writing-Matters

And the result is children who can:

understand what it means to be a writer

think outside the box

write with passion and purpose.

Our approach needs to be consistent and child-centric. At all stages learning about ‘being a writer’ must be relevant and fun!  We need to provide an environment consistently rich in exploration and enquiry.

Mighty Writer uses symbols, images and words which can be introduced gradually over time – helping children to make sense of how to be a writer.

It is colourful, visual and engages children of all abilities.  And it encourages teachers to use it alongside a wide range of strategies – providing a rounded experience for every child.

Children have different skills, interests and strengths. But all children can enjoy being a writer.

Our approach matters.

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"Year 2 have had their first 'big write' since receiving their kit and... [there has been] immediate impact."

Melanie Cox, Head Teacher


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