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Constructive Classroom Organisation | Key Stage One

Where there is creativity there is always mess! 

I like to try and keep most things organised, and with that sometimes comes the assumption that I can be bossy! messy paints

But children are curious and creative. Their play and exploration is always purposeful but it can be messy!

Working with children I have come to realise that to be the best teacher you have to strike a balance. You do need to be organised. You do need to plan ahead and be certain of where you’re going. 

But within this you also need to be flexible and make room for the unexpected. 

Sometimes this might mean more mess than you’d like, a different activity than you’d planned. But children are the centre of the learning and we should therefore adapt to suit their needs.

I place great importance on observing children’s responses. This says all you need to know about the progress they are making.

With these things in mind I always try to include these key things in my teaching:  

Allow children to explore

pen ink on childrens handsChildren do learn through play. This does not mean that expectations are lowered or limited. Planning effectively for play and the resources provided can yield fantastic results!

Children are absorbed in their learning and their interactions with others. They are stretched to try new ideas and learn new skills. It is purposeful and actively enables progress.

Plan time to demonstrate and model

Children love to be challenged and to be shown and learn new things. Providing opportunity in the classroom to specifically teach new skills and concepts and allowing children to put these into practice develops confidence and independence.

Have high expectations

Children excel when they feel that they are understood. They grow in confidence when their skills are recognised and when teachers have insight into how they engage. Appreciating what motivates them will aid their development.

Provide consistency

This enables children to make sense of the world around them and it makes them feel safe and secure. It builds solid foundations for children to draw on in future and gives them a benchmark from which to explore and try new ways of doing things. 

Children make good progress and are well equipped to be lifelong learners when these opportunities are provided in a balanced and considered way. When this happens it ensures that children of all abilities are appropriately supported and make good progress. They are engaged and motivated to learn!


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