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Can Mighty Writer Be Used With Other Resources?

Making it work for you

The simple answer is yes!

You can use Mighty Writer alongside any other resources or strategies you already use. It is also designed to be used as a standalone resource. 

It works very successfully… however you choose to use it in your classroom.

Complementing what you already do it allows you to teach the whole of the process of learning to write.

Start from developing children’s ability to speak in sentences and progress right through to creating complex stories and recounts.

Children instantly engage with its visual and tactile nature and it is down to you how you incorporate it into your teaching.

It is both simple and effective. It is progressive but not prescriptive.

Take a look at our video testimonials to hear from other teachers who are seeing the significant impact in their own classrooms and schools.


Innovation is the key

Teachers know how to think creatively and adopt a flexible approach in order to be effective.

Mighty Writer is progressive and will link effectively to different topics and genres to develop confident and enthusiastic writers.

It will enhance and complement your current learning objectives and allow you to be selective and creative to cater for different groups of learners. Most importantly it is so easy to use.

Use it to…

  • Model a retelling
  • Create a recount
  • Introduce different types of punctuation
  • Engage children in the imaginative elements of storytelling
  • Immerse children in story structure
  • Continually edit and enhance ideas.

Most of all it takes the worry out of teaching writing. The children are with you. They get it! They are motivated by their understanding. They make very good progress because they know what they need to do… to BE a writer.


Apply for a 14-day free trial of Mighty Writer and experience for yourself the ease with which you can both teach writing and enhance your teaching of writing.

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"Mighty Writer has quite literally transformed my children's writing. Not only is it interactive, visual and fun, but it targets the technical aspects of teaching writing in such a clever way, it's simply genius!"

Andrea Pearce, Year 2 Form Tutor and Head Of English, St Wystan's School


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