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8 Ways to Get a Free Mighty Writer!

So, you’ve seen the reviews, watched our training videos and downloaded the Teacher’s Guide. You’re thoroughly convinced that Mighty Writer is the perfect literacy tool for your primary school – but as always, the budget is restrictive.

Regardless of whether you’re a TA, a teacher or in the school’s senior leadership team, budgets will have some kind of impact on your daily classroom activity. 

From making sure pupils have adequate materials to support their learning, to putting catering supplies in the kitchen and keeping the building maintained, a well-managed budget will keep your school afloat. With such a critical purpose, getting any new kind of investment into the purchasing stages can be a challenge. 

However, with Mighty Writer’s excellent testimonials speaking for themselves, there are numerous ways to garner support from your local authority, parents and the community. 

This support can be leveraged to get the Mighty Writer resource into your classroom, without spending a penny of your existing budget. Let us explain how…


1. Arrange A Cluster Meeting

Whether you already have a cluster meeting in the diary, or are arranging one soon, please invite us along. We’ll give you a hands-on demonstration of Mighty Writer and, if 10 or more Head Teachers attend, we’ll give you your very own Mighty Writer set – free of charge!Cluster-Meetings

Not only is this a great benefit for the hosting school, but we’ll even provide the cream teas and doughnuts. Let’s get started!

2. Crowdfunding

In 2015/16 the average primary school size was around 260 pupils. For most schools, therefore, a donation of just £2 from each child’s parents would cover the cost of a Mighty Writer set.

Of course, parents are required to pay for an awful lot already – but just imagine how that £2 could revolutionise their child’s learning!

Rather than shaking buckets, crowdfunding websites such as Jumblebee, JustGiving and Crowdfunder allow you to raise money for your cause online. The page you create will not only make it easy for patrons to donate, but can be shared via social media in seconds.

Who knows – it could reach much further than just the families of your pupils! 


3. Corporate Sponsorship

money, cash notes with coinsMany companies are keen to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and often invest in local projects which show the nature of their corporate conscience. 

Approaching local businesses for help in your fundraising is likely to be fruitful; try reaching out through your LinkedIn network, or engaging your school governors. If you don’t want to ask for cash donations, requesting a raffle prize donation is an easy way for businesses to get on board with your cause.


4. Social Media Competitions

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds – we often run competitions to win Mighty Writer sets.

The best things in life really can be free… it’ll only cost you a couple of clicks!

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5. Grants4Schools

As the most comprehensive and up-to-date UK grant funding information service, Grants4Schools has an exclusive database which it updates daily.

By subscribing to their updates, you can be the first to know about the latest grant application opportunities available from the European Union and UK Government Agencies, as well as the Lottery and Grant Making Trusts & Foundations.

You’ll never miss a funding opportunity again.


6. Sponsored Write

Every school will be familiar with traditional fundraisers; non-uniform day, silly hair day, themed costume days… the list is endless, and often requires a fair bit of prep from the parents.child in colourful classroom, writing in book

But if you’re fundraising for a Mighty Writer set, why not showcase the children’s love of writing, and the benefit it could bring? 

Set a story theme, and ask each pupil to donate a pound or two to enter their story into a school-wide competition.

Teachers can choose a winner from each class, which moves them onto the final – when the Head chooses the best story overall!


7. Primary School Lottery

Raising money through the community, for the community, Your School Lottery hosts lotteries to benefit individual schools.

Supporters can join for as little as £1 a week, which provides the chance to win a guaranteed weekly prize for someone in your school community. The more people who participate, the bigger the prize becomes, and the more money is raised for your school. 

In addition, all members are entered into a separate prize draw, with a chance to win a massive £25,000 – every week! 

But the real benefit is that your school gets a minimum PTA contribution of 40% of the monies raised. For a relatively small investment, your school will have a chance to see significant gains.


8. My Book Project

Girl Reading BookMost parents have a painting on the fridge – but what about a published book on the shelf?

My Book Project allows schools to put the stories, poems or recipes of its pupils into a physical page-turner, which can then be printed and sold. 

Parents will love them, and the money raised could turn your pupils into the professional authors of the future. All you need is a Mighty Writer set and a little imagination!