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Using Mighty Writer for Creative Writing

Creative writing not only allows children to express themselves but also helps develop their language and literacy skills.  

The Power of Mighty Writer 

Mighty Writer is not your ordinary writing tool. It's a tactile mat that can be used on the floor or wall, featuring images and symbols to assist children in learning to write, re-write and structure sentences. This interactive approach engages pupils and makes the writing process more fun and enjoyable. 

With Mighty Writer, you can create interactive and collaborative writing sessions that inspire your pupils' imagination. Whether they're writing stories, poems, or even plays, Mighty Writer provides a hands-on experience that helps children develop their writing skills while having a blast. 

How to Use Mighty Writer for Creative Writing 

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of Mighty Writer for creative writing: 

  1. Story Mapping: Start by using the images and symbols to help pupils map out their stories. They can arrange the characters, settings, and key plot points, making it easier for them to visualise their ideas. 

  1. Dialogue Practice: Mighty Writer's speech bubble symbols can be used to practice writing dialogue. Pupils can take turns writing conversations between characters, improving their understanding of punctuation and speech marks. 

  1. Collaborative Storytelling: Invite pupils to work together and use Mighty Writer to create collaborative stories. Each pupil can contribute a sentence or a paragraph, building on each other's ideas and creating unique narratives. 

  1. Editing and Revising: Mighty Writer's flexibility allows for easy editing and revising. Pupils can move and rearrange the images, words and symbols to improve the structure and flow of their writing. 

The Benefits of Mighty Writer for Creative Writing 

By incorporating Mighty Writer into your creative writing lessons, you'll witness several benefits: Emma teaching MW

  • Engagement: The tactile and interactive nature of Mighty Writer keeps pupils engaged and eager to participate in the writing process. 

  • Improved Literacy Skills: Mighty Writer helps pupils develop their language and literacy skills, including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

  • Creativity: The visual prompts provided by Mighty Writer stimulate creativity and encourage pupils to think outside the box in their writing. 

  • Collaboration: The collaborative features of Mighty Writer promote teamwork and cooperation among pupils, fostering a sense of community in the classroom. 

  • Confidence: With Mighty Writer, pupils can see their ideas come to life, boosting their confidence in their writing abilities. 

We believe in the power of Mighty Writer to transform your creative writing lessons.
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