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Lesson Plan: Teaching Creative Writing for Key Stage One

Teaching Creative Writing for Key Stage One 

In this lesson plan, we will outline a step-by-step approach to help you inspire and guide your Key Stage One pupils in their creative writing journey. This lesson plan is designed to be flexible, allowing you to adapt it to meet the needs of your class. 

Lesson Plan 


To develop pupils' creative writing skills by encouraging imagination and storytelling. 


  • Paper and pencils 

  • Story prompts or picture cards 

  • A collection of children's books 


Approximately 60 minutes 


  1. Begin the lesson by reading a short story to the class. Choose a book that demonstrates creative storytelling and engages the children’s imagination. 

  1. After reading, facilitate a class discussion about the story. Ask questions such as: 

  • What did you like about the story? 

  • What was the most exciting part? 

  • Could you imagine yourself in the story? 

  1. Introduce the concept of creative writing by explaining that it is a way to tell stories using our own imaginations. Emphasise that there are no right or wrong answers in creative writing. 

  1. Provide story prompts or picture cards to each child. Encourage them to choose one that sparks their interest or imagination. 

  1. Ask the students to spend a few minutes thinking about their chosen prompt and creating a rough plan for their story. They can jot down key ideas or draw a simple story map. 

  1. Once the pupils have their plans, give them time to write their stories. Remind them to focus on using descriptive language and creating interesting characters and settings. 

  1. While the children are writing, circulate around the classroom to provide support and guidance. Offer suggestions for expanding ideas or improving sentence structure. 

  1. Once everyone has finished writing, invite volunteers to share their stories with the class. Encourage positive feedback and discussion about the different ideas and approaches. 

This lesson plan is just a starting point for teaching creative writing to Key Stage One children. Encourage your pupils to continue practicing their writing skills by providing regular opportunities for creative expression. Remember, the more they write, the more confident and skilled they will become.  

Have fun exploring the world of words and imagination with your young writers! 


How Can Mighty Writer Help? 

Mighty Writer is a tactile writing resource, for those children who respond best to visual or interactive-based learning approaches it is ideal because they get to see the icon that corresponds to the idea in their minds and physically place it into the story. 

Mighty Writer can help to develop a child’s:  

  • Confidence in generating and sharing ideas 

  • Imagination 

  • Ability to speak in sentences  

  • Creation of sentences 

  • Understanding story structure 

  • Reviewing and editing skills 

  • And much more. 

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