Can I choose which themed toolbars I get free?



What if we lose some of our tiles?

We will send the school a new box of tiles to share out (fair use policy applies).


Do we have to pay for training?

The Teacher Zone on the website has all the training videos and manual you need. However, we are happy to run online training sessions specific to your school absolutely free.


What happens if I cancel the subscription before 24 months?

The total outstanding balance of the first 24 monthly payments becomes due immediately. Once this balance is paid, you can then keep your Mighty Writer and any themed toolbars you have taken delivery of.


What happens if I cancel the subscription after 24 months?

If you decide to cancel after 24 months you may keep your Mighty Writer but you will be paying for any new themed toolbars, replacement parts and training services (worth over £300 per set per year) as you need them. These services are cancelled immediately your subscription is cancelled - but access to the online community will continue. 


Why should I continue to pay after 24 months?

Our goal is that each classroom should be able to get the most from Mighty Writer forever. Mighty Writer is a robust classroom resource but it will not last forever and in the rough tough world of the classroom, bits can get broken or lost. At 36 months we offer to replace the entire Mighty Writer master set (worth £496) free of charge and we effectively provide insurance against any classroom disaster throughout the lifetime of the service. 


The Mighty Writer service proposition is all about ensuring that the resource is always available and the lessons always fresh and exciting for a low monthly fee - from £0.66p per pupil per month.   


Does the school ever own Mighty Writer?

Yes. After two years you can cancel your subscription at any time and keep your Mighty Writer sets forever. With an option of a free replacement Master Set at 36 months and services worth over £300 per year you should think twice before cancelling any subscription. 


Do I have to return the Mighty Writer in order to get a new set after 3 years?

Yes. We ask you to return the original set so that we can evaluate its condition. We do our best to recycle as much of the Mighty Writer product as possible.


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