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"Easy to use and setup... Good Value For Money"


Character-Illustrations-COL 10Mighty Writer is designed to transform the way children learn to write. It enables young children of varying ages and abilities to become independent, confident and capable writers and complements existing teaching techniques, allowing teachers to support and nurture pupils to develop core skills of speaking, writing and story planning.


What The Testers Said

AdvisorEasy to use and set up and it is a very appealing resource. Suitable for 5-8 years for actual writing and for 3-5 years orally. With quite technical use of adjectives and nouns which are more approriate to years 1-3. The individual child mats are a good size. All in all, good value for money.

Score 83.4%

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"Mighty Writer has truly impacted they way in which our children engage and learn during literacy. Engaging SEN can be a challenge for any teacher. I will never forget my first lesson using this amazing resource, some of the staff team had to leave the classroom because seeing the children engage and participate in story telling brought a tear of joy to their eye! A wow moment."

Cassie Loram-Martin, Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents


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