Literacy Resource Mighty Writer Scoops Primary Teacher Award

Groundbreaking new literacy resource Mighty Writer has scooped a national award just months after being launched.

Mighty Writer gained silver in the Primary Teacher Awards 2016.

Leading education magazine Primary Teacher Update hailed Mighty Writer as “easy to use and set up...a very appealing resource.”

Revolutionary new Mighty Writer helps 4-7-year-olds to learn grammar, punctuation, syntax and storytelling.

It uses picture, symbol and word tiles to help children construct sentences to tell stories. They stick the tiles to soft-touch mats and toolbars using hook and loop fastening.

Mighty Writer teaches speaking and listening, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in an easy way that enables children to engage – and reduces teacher workload.

Mighty Writer has received a glowing testimonial from leading education author, teacher and reviewer John Dabell.

"Mighty Writer is invigorating – a pioneering belter of a resource designed to help children develop core speaking and story writing skills,” he said.

“What Mighty Writer does – and does swimmingly – is equip teachers with everything to demonstrate each part of the writing process.

“The beauty of this resource is that children can see how the component parts of a sentence join together, how they can be changed and what choices they have.

"It’s fairly obvious that this resource is extremely flexible and so is ideal for supporting all children.”

Mr Dabell has at least 20 years’ experience in teaching. He trained initially as a primary school teacher then later as an Ofsted inspector.

He said: “I think Mighty Writer works on so many levels. For starters, it is a tactile resource so children are in there, part of it, using it.

“Mighty Writer is also engaging because it is colourful and this invites children in so they can splash around and make waves and breakthroughs in their speaking and writing.

“It’s definitely a resource that will enable and support children of all abilities to move from dependence to become independent, self-assured and accomplished writers of both fictional and non-fictional writing.

“What is reassuring is that the resource has been tried and tested and it has been very successful across a number of schools.

“This is a very clever and supremely tactile resource that shakes the brain cells by promoting a really vibrant writing workshop mentality; it’s a physical mat but acts as a mental map too.

“Mighty Writer is what primary teaching is all about: sleeves rolled up, hands-on, playing with language and getting linguistically muddy so children can experience the different textures of words.”

Mighty Writer was created by Bournemouth teacher Emma Ralph – former Assistant Head at Hillbourne Primary School, Poole – and her husband David, a management consultant.

Increasing numbers of primary teachers are using Mighty Writer after it was launched in March 2016 at the Education Show at Birmingham’s NEC.

In a recent study, teachers scored Mighty Writer an overall 9.7 out of 10 for helping children to learn literacy:

  • Have they made significant progress?                                                         10/10
  • How engaged is the child?                                                                                    9.8/10
  • Are the children interacting?                                                                             9.6/10
  • Does Mighty Writer encourage them to speak?                                                      9.9/10
  • Are they keen to write their sentences on paper?                              9.6/10

Mighty Writer is proven to raise literacy levels significantly. It supports the teaching of the 2014 National Curriculum and helps to prepare children effectively for SATS tests.

Mighty Writer retails at £449 + VAT (plus delivery). Each pack includes:

  • a large mat (164cm wide x 127cm high) – it can be used on the floor or suspended on a wall
  • two retractable (and removable) poles for wall hanging
  • connective/conjunction tiles and toolbar
  • punctuation tiles and toolbar
  • two toolbars with 88 images of transport, living things, objects, settings and weather
  • 18 green, orange and red sentence mats
  • blank tiles (so teachers can customise lessons) plus arrow tiles (to guide children from sentence to sentence)
  • a zipped storage bag and a tile bag
  • access to online training videos and printable blank story maps.

Explore our website for more details. Watch the 3 minute 26 second video on the Home page to see Emma Ralph using Mighty Writer to teach a class.

Contact Mighty Writer Ltd Director Emma Ralph for more information: +44(0)1202 251126

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