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How to Support your Literacy Teaching in KS1&2

‘Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.’ - Tony Buzan

So... where to begin?

There are so many fantastic resources available to use with children to enable them to make progress in their literacy skills.

You can mix and match them depending on your focus and the children you are working with.

Once you have chosen your learning objective or focus you must decide how the chosen resource or strategy will support this.

We have to make things straightforward for children even though there is such a vast array of skills and knowledge for them to grasp.

We have to become experts in knowing what to teach... when to teach it... in the right way... and through the right means!

It’s a challenge!

But it’s so rewarding when you get it right.

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It’s all in the delivery

If children are engaged... and that goes for any age... they will be inquisitive and want to learn. Not only this, they will naturally do so because they will be in a frame of mind open to new experiences and ideas.

To make this happen we can do several things through the resources and strategies we use:

  • Introduce new concepts/skills in coherent ways
  • Present resources in lively and interesting ways that excite children and stimulate the imagination
  • Be consistent
  • At every opportunity exploit the way brains learn and memorise information– tactile, visual, discussion
  • Adjust approaches for different groups of children
  • Promote independence through this strong foundation and the modelling of concepts/skills by us!
  • Practice, practice, practice!

And the outcome

  • We ourselves are inspired by children’s own inspiration, ideas, understanding and motivation
  • They take our teaching, run with it and make it their own!

Use of Mighty Writer will enable you to do all of the above, either as a standalone resource or alongside other strategies and resources you may already use.

  • Everything is in one place
  • It is tactile, visual and highly versatile
  • Use with a wide range of abilities to present new concepts and skills in consistent and highly effective ways.

Children will be inspired... and so will you!

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