Ultimately, primary teachers have the following objectives:

  • To make the overarching teaching of literacy more effective

  • To make a positive difference to a child's literacy skills

  • To see their children genuinely enjoying the learning experience

  • To ensure that there is a consistent and sustained approach to literacy within their school

Mighty Writer is specifically designed to support teachers in achieving these goals by concentrating on the process of sentence creation, and by providing a visual and interactive approach to learning. 

As primary teachers know, the teaching of literacy is complex. This is due to the many features which need to be incorporated into good quality writing. Children wrestle with an array of components such as generating content ideas, and choosing and using appropriate punctuation, vocabulary, structure and characterisation, as well as many other considerations. This often leads to a lack of motivation and enjoyment for the children, and ultimately slows progress which results in underachievement. This can have a significant impact later on in life. 

It is also complex for the teacher as they seek to model and teach key concepts in clear and concise ways in order that children become increasingly independent and competent. Teachers face further challenges in terms of the range of abilities they will often need to accommodate, as well as the varying speeds of progression you may find in one class.



The Benefits of Mighty Writer

Whatever challenges you face as a primary school teacher, Mighty Writer has clear and distinct advantages as a teaching resource:

  • We make it easy to teach literacy

  • It's a simple and comprehensive approach, with everything in one place

  • Regular use promotes the development and application of skills across year groups

  • Children are enthused and learn more quickly

  • It works with all current resources and teaching methodologies

  • In trials, when teachers were asked "Did Mighty Writer significantly improve your childrens writing?", every teacher rated it 10/10.

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