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A tried and tested approach that transforms children's literacy skills

Education advisors, and particularly literacy advisors, have a continual challenge to improve standards of literacy in our primary schools. They must inform and advise schools on how they can improve the teaching and learning of literacy with effective and innovative resources.

Mighty Writer is an exciting new teaching resource aimed at transforming the way in which children develop core speaking, writing and story telling skills. The resource aims to address challenges such as:

  • Teachers with ranging abilities and aspirations
  • Children with ranging abilities and backgrounds
  • Getting all staff on board with new ideas
  • Working within remits of head teachers
  • Setting, measuring and meeting SMART targets
  • Identifying areas for improvement, delivering results and improving performance
  • Differing catchment areas and budgets



Benefits of Mighty Writer

Mighty Writer is being used in hundreds of schools around the world, with incredible results. The core benefits of this teaching resource are:

  • It's colourful and interactive approach makes it easier to impact on literacy in schools and helps to raise overarching standards
  • This resource actively promotes consistent and effective teaching of literacy across primary schools, impacting on school performance
  • The ease of which it can be incorporated into existing lesson plans enables schools to share good practice and encourage consistency across year groups


The Results

In pre-launch tests, teachers scored Mighty Writer an overall 9.7 out of 10 for helping children to learn vital literacy lessons:

  • Have they made significant progress? - 10/10
  • How engaged is the child? - 9.8/10
  • Are the children interacting? - 9.6/10
  • Does Mighty Writer encourage them to speak? - 9.9/10
  • Are they keen to write their sentences on paper? - 9.6/10

Teachers have reported back with great enthusiasm on the progress of children, with significant improvement in writing sentences and the use of punctuation. Children started creating more complex stories, transforming reluctant writers into those who avidly enjoy the process.

Their improvement, sense of achievement and self-esteem had all accelerated. Mighty Writer is also very flexible in that it can be used to teach different genres, be it retellings (both known stories and factual recounts), non-fiction and poetry.


Try It For Yourself

If you would like to see Mighty Writer in action and try it out for yourself in the schools that you work with, please get in touch via phone or email to discuss a free trial. 

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"The children literally cheer when it they have an opportunity to use Mighty Writer! The staff really enjoy using it too; it took some time for them to build confidence, but pairing up and giving it a go has proved valuable. We have found that the children almost instinctively guide the sessions anyway."

Gill Emmerson, Head of Pre Prep, Edge Grove School


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