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Mighty Writer simplifies the traditionally complex process of learning to write. It does so in a manner that inspires children of all abilities; nurturing the skills of speech, story planning and writing. Watch Mighty Writer inventor Emma demonstrate the tool in the video below.

What is in the Mighty Writer Set?

The Mighty Writer Mat

Our mat is designed to be used on either a classroom wall or floor. It rolls up in a manner that leaves space for further displays below, allowing teachers to pre-prepare what it is they plan to present. The mat is of a size big enough to work with an entire class, groups, pairs or individuals.

Image Toolbar

Our image toolbars are designed to be as generic as possible, covering a broad spectrum of possible stories and retellings. Their themes have been selected to support topics within the classroom and contain both fictional and non-fictional contents.

Sentence Opener and Conjunction Toolbar

Our sentence openers have been carefully selected to cover all types of openings. Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions allow for variety when creating more complex sentences, while blank word tiles enable children to suggest their own ideas.

Punctuation and Symbol Toolbar

Speech marks, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are all included in the Punctuation and Symbol pack. Arrowheads also demonstrate the sequence of every story.

Sentence Mats

Our sentence mats are colour coded to represent different stages of a story. They are also designed in a manner that helps children visualise, experiment and make use of different story structures.

Blank Tiles

Blank tiles encourage creativity. They can be drawn on with a wipe pen, allowing children to form their own sentence openers. Seperate blanks are also included should teachers wish to remind children of a specific word in a sentence.

Feely Bag

Our Feely Bag is to be filled with a range of images that help create twists and turns within a story. By instructing children to pick from it at certain points, teachers can develop their pupil's imagination.


Download our Teacher's Guide for more information on how Mighty Writer came to exist, how it's already helping tens of thousands of children, and why they love it so much!

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"Mighty Writer is a well thought through, fabulous resource that can significantly support pupils' vocabulary and writing skills while reducing teacher workload. Love it!"

Helen Williams, Head Teacher


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