Book a live and interactive learning session for your school group with Mighty Writer founder Emma Ralph

Who is it for?

This session is designed for senior leadership teams (SLTs) and groups of teachers in primary schools and MATs. Emma will take your group through a structured learning session so that your team understands how to rapidly transform literacy results in your school.

They will discover:

  • The importance of visualising the story-writing process and how to help children do it
  • how to use proven techniques to better engage children in literacy learningcharacter-5
  • how to engage all learners - from the non-verbal through to your most able
  • how to work effectively with learners who have special educational needs
  • how to make literacy an active learning experience (which is highly engaging for boys)
  • how to make literacy the most fun subject on the curriculum!

The session will end with an interactive round of Q&A with Emma. 

Our desired outcome is that every member of the team leaves with a clear understanding of how to transform a child's confidence as a writer and why teachers all over the world are getting better results using Mighty Writer. 


emma demonstrating on laptop

Mighty Writer is the only multiple-award-winning classroom resource to guarantee the transformation of literacy learning in your primary school.

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