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Teachers say Mighty Writer transforms literacy for pupils of all ability levels.

Laura is the English Co-ordinator at Fountains Special School, whereas Helen is the Head Mistress of a higher ability school where children are working 1.5-2 years above the national average.

Helen says: “It’s made an incredible difference. It has extended the vocabulary and improved sentence structure… It’s a fantastic resource and I’d really recommend it”

Laura says: “We’ve been really impressed with the results… It’s really made a huge impact on their progress in reading, writing, speaking, listening and communications…”

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Mighty Writer was designed to help teachers engage young learners of all abilities by making literacy more fun, so that pupils learn faster.

Find out why Laura and Helen have achieved remarkable results in both their schools, regardless of pupil ability.

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"So impressed with our first few days of Mighty Writer. The engagement was through the roof."

Rachel Brabban, Deputy Head and EYFS Teacher, Stanley Crook Primary


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