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Want to experience Mighty Writer for yourself before buying?

If you are a Head Teacher and you would like to try out Mighty Writer and see how it impacts on your children's literacy, please contact us below to request a free 14 day trial of this award-winning teaching and learning resource.

We'll send you a Mighty Writer master set for you to use in your school for two weeks. Once you've experienced it for yourself and see the effect it will have on your children's writing, we're confident you'll want to keep it! However, if you don't, you're welcome to send it back to us in the post or arrange for us to collect it. 

Educational Advisors and Literacy Advisors who advise multiple schools may (subject to availability and qualification criteria) order a free product for evaluation. Click here to enquire about Literacy Advisor evaluation packs.

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"A fantastic resource that really works!"

Abigail Redhead, Teacher


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