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Emma RalphOur weekly 30 minute webinars are free, live and interactive. They are led by our renowned literacy expert, Emma Ralph, co-founder of Mighty Writer, who was an Assistant Headteacher and SENCO at a Dorset primary school.

The webinars are designed for all Heads and teaching staff who:

  • Are looking for proven techniques to really engage children in literacy.
  • Are considering purchasing Mighty Writer and want to better understand its potential.
  • Are using Mighty Writer but would like to learn more about how to further improve its impact.
  • New to a school that is already using Mighty Writer and want to familiarise themselves.
  • Have a child with particular special needs and would like specific advice.

We encourage you to ask the questions you want answering!

WebinarsBook your free 30 minute webinar for the date you require using form on this page.

Want a webinar session just for your school?  No problem. Again, free and at a day and time of your convenience. Just go on the website chat line or call 01202 251126 to arrange.

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"Mighty Writer has truly impacted they way in which our children engage and learn during literacy. Engaging SEN can be a challenge for any teacher. I will never forget my first lesson using this amazing resource, some of the staff team had to leave the classroom because seeing the children engage and participate in story telling brought a tear of joy to their eye! A wow moment."

Cassie Loram-Martin, Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents


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