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You’ve watched the Mighty Writer video. You’ve seen what it can do – now try it free for yourself!

By doing so you’ll be supporting our dream to help children become more confident communicators and writers.

What We’re Offering You. And Why. 

We’re not a huge company. It’s just the two of us. My husband David and I are working hard to build this dream – with help from a few friends who are passionate about what we’re doing.

People like you.

We don’t have a large marketing budget. I’m a teacher – not a CEO.

So we’re asking you to try Mighty Writer at your school and tell us what you think. Then we can share your feedback on social media.

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Try Mighty Writer free for 60 days – join our growing band of Teacher Champions who are testing it in their schools.

So far teachers have scored Mighty Writer 9.7 out of 10! But what do YOU think? 

Here’s our simple free offer…

  • Join our Teacher Champions community – apply to try Mighty Writer at your school. It’ll transform your pupils’ results!
  • At the end of your trial, you can order it and keep it.
  • Or if you can bear to part with Mighty Writer, you can send it back. It’s that simple!

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What People are Saying about Mighty Writer

Pre-launch tests with real teachers gave us the inspiration we needed to launch this product. Teachers rated the product 9.7/10 overall and were so enthused that we felt we just had to make a success of Mighty Writer. Since launch in September 2016, Mighty Writer has already won an award and been featured in the teaching press. Now we just need more teachers to get behind the product and join our movement.

"It’s a very clever resource that promotes a vibrant writing workshop mentality... works out as excellent value..."


"What Mighty Writer does is equip teachers with everything needed to demonstrate each part of the writing process"


"So impressed with our first few days of Mighty Writer. The engagement was through the roof."

Rachel Brabban, Deputy Head and EYFS Teacher, Stanley Crook Primary


Schools Currently Using Mighty Writer

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