Mighty Writer Webinars

Getting staff on board with Mighty Writer

Objective - Enabling schools to develop a whole school approach and enthusiasm across all year groups.

Who should attend – Headteachers, Deputy Head teacher, Literacy leads alongside any key/already engaged staff who they want to help with the rolling out of Mighty Writer.

Overview – Discussion about where the starting point is eg/how many Mighty Writers have you got? Is anyone using them? How many staff are engaged?

Talk about rolling it out across the school. Start in a key year group with a specific member of staff. Allow other teachers to watch it in use/sharing good practice/developing confidence. Emphasis on the fact it is not prescriptive…while outcomes are consistent teachers can use it in the way which suits there teaching style/classroom organisation.

Discuss website and the lesson plan examples, videos, booklets.  Plan in regular staff meetings to talk about the impact and get staff excited about using it.

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"Mighty Writer has truly impacted they way in which our children engage and learn during literacy. Engaging SEN can be a challenge for any teacher. I will never forget my first lesson using this amazing resource, some of the staff team had to leave the classroom because seeing the children engage and participate in story telling brought a tear of joy to their eye! A wow moment."

Cassie Loram-Martin, Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents


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