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Why Mighty Writer?

Mighty Writer transforms the way your children’s writing is taught and learnt and enables young children to become independent, confident, capable writers. It uses a unique method to allow children to freely create their stories, while scaffolding enables them to effortlessly transcribe the tale with accurate grammar. It simplifies the complex process of learning to write and enthuses children of all abilities.

Mighty Writer will allow your children the opportunity to practise and develop skills and concepts that they are taught in school. It enables you to support them in a very practical and visual way as well as allowing the opportunity to plan and retell, until your child is ready to write independently.


Why your children will love Mighty Writer

  • It simplifies the complex process of learning to write
  • It encourages an enjoyment in the creation of story telling
  • It is an interactive and engaging process
  • The incorporation of tactile elements encourages participation
  • It is effective for individuals, small groups and whole classes
  • It is fun, colourful and creative
  • It allows them to visualise sentences for easier retention of syntax

Mighty Writer is already being used effectively in a number of schools in the UK. Initial feedback indicates that this innovative teaching resource has been very well received by both teachers and children. If you would like to discuss recommending Mighty Writer to your child's school please contact us.

Mighty Writer can also be purchased to be used at home. Please contact us for more information.

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"The children quickly acquired the skills to become confident writers."

Surina Purice, EYFS Leader


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